AGJohnsen - Recruitment and relocation
The goal of our business is to be a company where everyone involved works together across borders to give the best possible service and results for our candidates and customers. Our company has established a good reputation amongst our candidates and customers. We contribute in the recruitment process, we offer professional language training, we help with all the paperwork and relocation challenges that follows moving to another country to work.
We also engage in recruitment work within a nation. We then specialize in specialist and management positions from mid level to top management.

AGJohnsen - Human Capital Solutions:
An organization's purpose is to reach the intent and the goals set by the owners, board, executive committee or sometimes in participation with other stakeholders. To be a good manager, to lead in the direction decided on, and to obtain the desired goals is a constant challenge - and the process is constantly changing.
AGJohnsen’s main product is Management and Leadership Support and Development and conflict management.
With our knowledge and extensive experience we will support you as a manager and an individual toward success.

We also offer a portfolio of inspirational and challenging speeches that will be tailor made to your organization's specific needs.

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