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We help clients meet their recruitment goals in a labor market characterized by increasing shortages of qualified candidates. Our team of international HR consultants operates through a network of subsidiaries & partners in the major EU labor markets .

The company recruits in all disciplines and all levels. Our main focus is on IT, Engineering, Pedagogical and Healthcare professionals. We also have extensive experience in recruitment of highly specialized positions and professionals, both for permanent positions and projects.  

AG Johnsen handles the entire recruitment process from the search, identification of candidates, screening, recruiting, relocating, training and accompanying the candidates 



We can support you in all aspects of employment law. From individual cases to organisational development and reorganization. Including union agreements and negotiations. 

AG Johnson can also support your company with becoming GDPR compliant.

Contact Eirik Lima +47 982 96 599 for more information.



An organization's purpose is to reach the goals and milestones set by the owners, board, and executive committee.

Teaching how to be an effective manager, to lead in the direction set forth by stakeholders, and to obtain the desired goals is a constant challenge for companies and this process is constantly changing. HCS focuses on this and emphases on maximizing your leaders potential for more effective management. 

The main service of A.G. Johnsen’s HCS is Management and Leadership Support and Development.  With our knowledge and vast experience, we will support you as a manager and an individual in order to successfully reach your potential and the highly levels of success for the company.

Contact Knut Roppestad  +47 901 16 601 for more information.


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